Antminer S7 Available Again At Hashnest

Antminer S7 can again be bought at Hashnest. Sale of 500 more units began noon EDT on October 31, 2015:

Antminer S7The price for this second round of Antminer S7 sale to hash is same as the first. $1923 will buy you 4860 GHs of hashing power which will show up in your Hashnest account 288 hours after you buy. If you bought today your hash will be available to trade on November 12.

At bitcoin price of $319 your S7 bought to hash cost you 6.036 bitcoin or 0.001242 bitcoin per GHs. After sales were opened S7 hash price on the Hashnest market briefly dropped to .00145 but recovered to .0016:

Hashnest S7 Price Chart

When S7 pre-sales on Hashnest first opened last month buyers were able to sell their hash for a quick profit on Hashnest when trading began October 10. It will be interesting to see if the pattern repeats when S7 hash bought today begins trading on November 12.

If you have 6 bitcoin to spare and have been considering bitcoin mining you will not find a better deal on hosted mining. Hashnest S7 has the lowest maintenance fees you will find for hosted bitcoin mining you can buy at this time.

If you have the space and dedicated 220 line you might consider buying an Antminer S7 for use at home.