Bitcoin Art from the Lynx Art Collection

Bitcoin Art is in demand from collectors now and Lynx Art Collection has stepped in to fill a void in the market. They sell high quality bitcoin art produced on metal panels, canvas, wood and prints. While bitcoin art is the main focus other crypto currencies are also used as subjects.

The bitcoin art metal panels are very collectible and editions are limited to ten. Here is a photo of my own “Digital Gold” metal panel (sold out):

Bitcoin art Digital Gold

The metal panel measures 20″ by 30″ and at first glance looks like a flat screen TV. The depth and detail of the art is hard to capture in a photo. The panel comes with four half inch thick hardwood mounting blocks glued to the back: two near the top back and two at the lower back.

The two upper mounting blocks are slotted to hang the metal panel from two nails. The weight of the aluminum panel is only four pounds and it is quite easy to attach to your wall. The metal panel stands away one half inch from the wall to enhance the sense of depth of the artwork.

Prices vary with size and construction. The metal panels sell for $899. Because of the high quality and limited editions any bitcoin art enthusiast can now afford a limited edition piece that not only looks beautiful on the wall but may appreciate in value over time.

Please browse and purchase bitcoin art at Lynx Art Collection. Visit today before limited editions are sold out.