Buy $100 worth of bitcoin for $62.50 from Coinbase using their promotion for new customers. Promotion ended 30 September.

Coinbase has a promotion going on right now for new customers. If you open an account at Coinbase using our affiliate link and buy $100 worth of bitcoin we will receive $75. Once we receive payment from Coinbase we will sent you half of $75 … $37.50 … meaning you bought $100 worth of bitcoin for only $62.50. Pretty neat huh?

This only works if you have never had an account at Coinbase (you can be sure they check.) You must be a new customer to Coinbase.

The promotion is in effect now but may be cancelled at any time, so get busy if you are interested. Here is what you need to do:

1.Visit Coinbase using this link and open an account. You must see this welcome screen:

buy $100 worth of bitcoin for $62.50

2. Connect your bank account to Coinbase and buy $100 of bitcoin.

3. When the $100 of bitcoin arrives in your Coinbase account contact us and let us know the name and email you registered under in Coinbase and your Coinbase bitcoin receiving address where we should send payment.

To find your bitcoin receiving address from your main Coinbase customer panel click on My Wallet at the left and then Wallet Address at the top right of the page. Copy the bitcoin address in the pop-up screen My Wallet Bitcoin Address (copy and paste) and send to us in your email.

4. Once Coinbase pays us we will then send you half of the $75 affiliate payment to the bitcoin address you provide.

Please Be Patient

It will take a few days for your new Coinbase account to be linked to your bank account and a day or so for Coinbase to pay us the affiliate payment once you buy the bitcoin. Also realize that both Coinbase and we are operating on good faith but Coinbase may not approve every new account as eligible for a commission. If Coinbase does not pay us we can’t pay you.

If you have any questions or comments please join in the Disqus discussion thread below. Thanks for participating and welcome to bitcoin!

Coinbase Changed the Promotion

Sorry to report that as of 30 September 2015 Coinbase changed the rules of the promotion. If you register using our referral and buy at least $100 worth of bitcoin as a new customer, you receive $10 in bitcoin and so do we. We will no longer be able to send you half of the affiliate payment. It was probably too popular a promotion to last very long.