The Paycoin Foundation through TeamXPY is trying to resurrect interest in Paycoin by selling shares in a Prime Controller.

The site is now open offering a share of a Prime Controller. You can use Paycoin you already own or buy XPY with bitcoin only (no credit cards.)

Paycoin is currently trading at $0.14 and the market has not moved up on the news release. If you are still holding a bag of Paycoin this offer may be worth considering but no way would we recommend actually buying Paycoin to invest in

More revelations have recently been posted at PayCoinTalk:


And Mr. Garza replied at HashTalk:


The C-Cex exchange has just marked Paycoin (XPY) for delisting due to low volume. Paycoin has always just been a clone of Peercoin with crazy hyperinflation built in. It has already been pumped and dumped and delisting by the other altcoin exchanges will probably soon follow.