HAOBTC interest bearing bitcoin wallet pays you minimum 8% APR on your bitcoin deposits.

The HAOBTC interest bearing bitcoin wallet allows you to earn minimum 8% interest on bitcoin you keep in your wallet. Interest rate paid jumps to 12% straightaway if you deposit 10 bitcoin and increases with time to 15.58% APR. The company has been in business since 2011 mining bitcoin and launched their banking and wallet services on 1 November 2014.

HAOBTC Interest Bearing Bitcoin Wallet

The company is first and foremost a large bitcoin miner in China. Their cost effective mining operations permit them to pay a very attractive interest rate on bitcoin deposits. Also refreshing is the fact the company is so transparent. Eric Mu is the CMO of HaoBTC and has documented the progress of their mining start up in this thread at BitcoinTalk.

HaoBTC Bitcoin Mining Farm

Located in western Sichuan province the company has very low power costs of $0.03/KW/h. The mining farm is located right next to a 10 million dollar hydro-electric power station. Mining is provided by 10,000+ Bitmain S3 miners. Hashing power is now 4.7 PH/s with a maximum of 12 PH/s scheduled to come online within four months.

HaoBTC Bitcoin Mining Farm Construction

The company accepts customers world wide but only residents of China can buy and sell bitcoin with fiat at this time using AliPay (China’s version of PayPal.) Support for foreign banks is planned. They are using customer deposits to expand their mining operation and the company is bullish long term on bitcoin price. Eric Mu has mentioned on BitcoinTalk that they have plans to also sell mining contracts in the future, and only paid 0.5 BTC/TH for the used S3 miners they are using.

The minimum interest rate paid on deposits in your HaoBTC account is 8% but if you deposit a minimum of 10 bitcoin you qualify for higher Financing rates. With a 10 bitcoin deposit you start earning 12% interest and the rate increases the longer you leave funds on deposit up to 15.58% APR after 12 months:

HaoBTC Deposit Interest Rates

HAOBTC as an option to PACMiC v2

Bitcoin deposits in your HaoBTC wallet are paying minimum 8% APR interest with no minimum deposit. If you deposit 10 bitcoin the starting interest rate is 12% APR. This makes the HaoBTC interest bearing bitcoin wallet an attractive option to buying Hashnest PACMiC v2 contracts. A PACMiC v2 subscription returns 11 to 14% with your funds locked in for 120 days. If you leave your minimum 10 bitcoin in your HaoBTC account for 120 days you receive 14% interest.

The difference between PACMiC v2 and HaoBTC is your deposit at HaoBTC is not locked in and you can withdraw at any time. You do need to be careful on timing a withdrawal from HaoBTC. Once you deposit funds to your HaoBTC wallet the clock starts. Should you withdraw funds before the end of any 30 day increment you forfeit the last month of interest.

HaoBTC is a very transparent and forward thinking bitcoin mining operation and wallet provider worth your consideration.