Anonymous website hosting is still possible if you know where to look.

Free Option

If you just need a basic but anonymous free blog you can use or tumblr. Make sure to use an anonymous email address to register and protect your true IP by always connecting by Tor or a good VPN.

Preferable Paid Option

Firstly, you can take a pass on UK, EU and US companies. They are bound by local laws and for most locales ICANN requires every domain registrar to maintain a publicly accessible WHOIS database.

You will quickly find that EU and US domain registrars require your identity to register a domain. Payment by credit card is mandatory. Your contact information will be public record even if WhoisGuard is enabled. And you have not even considered hosting yet.

When you start looking for a reliable registrar and host that values privacy you will find the list is short.

  1. Swedish company PRQ can provide anonymous domain registration and hosting but fees are very high. Anonymous domain registration is 500 bitcoin per year. Hosting is even more expensive.
  2. Anonymous Speech is a more affordable option. Their servers are always outside of Europe and the United States. They will sell you an anonymous .com domain for 40 per year. Shared linux hosting starts at 30 per month.
  3. Orange Website in Iceland will register your anonymous domain for only 14 per year. Shared linux hosting starts at less than 4 per month. You can also have an anonymous SSL certificate issued for 30 per year. You will have to spend an additional 30 yearly for a dedicated IP if SSL is required.

All three companies accept payment by bitcoin and only require an email address to register. You can also register over Tor or a VPN if you wish.

Other Security Considerations

Of course do not use Google Analytics on your anonymous website. Also avoid any third party services that might be used to identify you. When you contact your web host or FTP files to your site use Tor or a VPN and your anonymous email account.

You will have access to creating webmail accounts from your domain cPanel but we still think the better option is to use anonymous email that is separate from your domain and hosting. One possible service you can find on Tor is SIGAINT.

Anonymous E-Commerce

If you want to use your new domain to sell goods anonymously you will need to accept bitcoin. A good option is to set up a WordPress site using free WooCommerce for your shop. The advantage of using WooCommerce is the availability of a free plugin to accept bitcoin payments.

CoinSimple integrates with your WooCommerce shop and lets you receive bitcoin straight to your Trezor, Electrum or Armory wallet. Remember customers expect a reputable online shop to have an SSL certificate and enforce connection by https.


Orange Website is the most affordable option for anonymous website hosting. The company has been in business since 2009 and is one of Iceland’s larger hosting providers.

Anonymous Website Hosting

Online reviews like those at TrustPilot are consistently very good and Orange Website rates high for anonymity due to Iceland’s strict privacy laws.