Josh Garza apparently has a new venture after closing GAWMiners. Posting as CPIGROUP on the Hashtalk forum he introduced CoinCard today for pre-orders.


How do we know GAWMiners and the new venture Crypto Private Investors Group are both connected to Josh Garza? Here is a screenshot from GAWMiners help desk:


And a screenshot of an email recently send notifying the move of Hashtalk to a new domain:


Both list the same address in Bloomfield, CT USA. Thanks to Hektur at BitcoinTalk for verifying the building is now vacant. Also here is a screeshot from CoinCard:


But we digress, back to the promised bitcoin credit card. Supposedly available July 2015 the Basic Card costs $50 and the Elite Card is $100 to pre-order. Both are MasterCard products and claim to be the first true bitcoin credit card.

CoinCard Differences

All other products on the market at present are debit cards. The website setup for pre-orders claims you will be able to use bitcoin and any altcoin (including PayCoin) to load the card and pay down the credit balance.


No transaction fee will be charged for purchases (the merchant would bear the discount fee) and the ATM fee is $3.00 or 3%, somewhat higher than the competition.

CoinCard will not be shipping until July 2015 and the cost to order is higher than the competition shipping now to the US:

  • WageCan – costs $7
  • ANX – costs $10
  • AdvCash – costs $5

We feel the same way about pre-orders for bitcoin debit or credit cards as for bitcoin miners: just do not do it, there is a real chance you could lose your money. If you like the idea of a bitcoin credit card wait until CoinCard is actually shipping to order one. Meanwhile for a full list of bitcoin debit cards available now please see your bitcoin debit card options.