Mike Johnson, the Editor of Coinfire has previously reported on the investigation of Mr. Homero ‘Josh’ Garza, GAWMiners, and PayBase by the US Securities and Exchange Commision. In an editorial posted today he notes that:

With the reports from Coin Fire regarding Mr. Garza, PayCoin, PayBase, and SEC investigations, Coin Fire has often been the receiver of DDOS attacks, domain hijackings, email server flooding, personal threats, and attacks. These have been directed at Coin Fire staff, servers, contributors, editorial teams, and our social media accounts.

He has investigated the sources of the attacks and threats and with the help of forensic specialists was able to conclusively identify two attack vectors one of which apparently is Mr. Garza. Mr. Johnson goes on to describe charges he recently filed:

Friday, I personally began filing criminal charges and preparing civil suits against the individuals involved with these attacks (including Mr. Garza) and am actively working with law enforcement officials to pursue damages and criminal charges where applicable to bring these individuals to justice.

Because the criminal and civil charges could lead some to question the objectivity of any further reporting by Mr. Johnson concerning GAWMiner, Paybase or Mr. Garza he goes on to say:

For this reason, I am abstaining from personally reporting on Mr. Garza during this process. I am also relinquishing my editorial duties on pieces published about Mr. Garza or related parties to other members of our team who are not involved in this legal action.

Bitcoin News Magazine will publish updates to this article as more information on the criminal charges and civil suits becomes public.