Polymerbit Polymer Note For Bitcoin Cold Storage Review

Polymerbit is the world’s first polymer note that can be loaded with bitcoin by the user. The notes are shipping in February and cost 6.99 each either in dollars or euros. Shipping is extra TBD.

The buyer will receive a Polymerbit 0.10 Bitcoin note packaged nicely with a tamper proof seal to cover the QR code you print out at home.

polymerbit wallet

The notes can not be shipped pre-loaded with bitcoin because of US laws. The developers expect demand to be high in the US so instructions are provided to help the user print out private and public bitcoin key QR codes and assemble a loaded note.

Remember BTCC Mint had to stop shipping bitcoin collectible coins to the US because the coins came loaded with bitcoin private keys.

Because the notes are polymer I would recommend you print out the public and private QR codes on adhesive backed waterproof polymer paper suitable for a home inkjet printer. This would ensure the QR codes are as durable as the notes.

Because these notes will be collectible the company is selling clear PVC holders for $0.50 each. The holders are from BCW and are the standard holders paper currency collectors use for large bills.

First Look Production Polymerbit Note Reviewed

I received my order from the first production run and loaded a Polymerbit note with bitcoin following the instructions. Because I used the adhesive backed polymer paper for the QR codes I just attached the private code to the back of the tamper resistant sticker.

Polymerbit Loaded

Not bad for a first try though I did get the tamper resistant sticker skewed a bit. It would make assembling the notes easier if the tamper resistant sticker was increased in size. Also with a larger sticker the public QR code could be affixed and still have Polymerbit show at the top of the sticker and serial number at bottom.

How To Order Polymerbit

If you live outside the US and Canada international sales will be through the company website.  US and Canada sales will be through minerjones at the Bitcoin Forum. A thread has been documenting the production of the notes and you can contact minerjones by personal message if you would like to purchase.

The first production run of 1000 serialized notes is selling fast so reserve yours now if you want to own a collectible piece of bitcoin history. Future series of different denominations and design are being planned. Sales are being limited to twenty five Polymerbit notes per customer due to demand.