www.MiningSweden.se is a new Swedish bitcoin cloud mining company with 100 TH mining power using Spondoolies and Antminer S5 miners.The company appears honest and transparent to date. Here is a recent photo of their initial farm:


Bitcoin Mining Share Options

Mining Sweden is selling two types of bitcoin cloud mining shares: regular Mining Shares and VIP shares.

Each pack of 250 regular Mining Shares costs $172.5 and entitles the buyer to 250 GH/s SHA-256 mining at $0.69/GH/s. Whilst the price per GH/s is higher than alternatives like Hashnest all fees are inclusive. After one year power costs will be charged. Crunching the numbers in the Coinplorer simulator using a 2.5% exponential difficulty increase indicates the package will ROI in 10 months and return a profit of $41before year end when power cost will be charged for the next year.

VIP Shares are more expensive at $1.76/GH/s but do not expire and also entitle the owner to a 25% share of company profits. VIP shares are limited and once all are sold only regular Mining Shares will be available. We calculate ROI for the VIP shares to be about 13 months at current BTC price.

The only problem we have found is the company is promoting VIP shares and the regular Mining Shares are often out of stock. We have found a workaround to this. There is an official reseller for Mining Sweden called Yangongear.com which does have Mining Shares in stock and for only $168.19 for 250 GH/s. Note that in order to buy from Yangongear.com you will first have to set up an account at Mining Sweden as you will need your Mining Sweden username to complete the sale at Yangongear.com.

We own Mining Shares and can confirm that the ROI is very similar to Hashnest Antminer S5 see our spreadsheet for results.

Like Hashnest once all VIP shares have been sold a market will be setup for trading of VIP and Mining Shares. They plan to provide a safe platform using escrow for increased security.

Mining Sweden has now signed a deal with Hydro66 to host their farm in the Hydro66 datacenter in Boden to allow them to grow their farm as large as needed. In fact the site is only about 300 meters from the KnCMiner farm.

Hydro66 obtains all their electric power from the local Lulešlven river, with a 70MW hydro-electric power station just 500 meters away from their facility. Not only does this mean they have zero CO2 emissions, it also means their power is reliable and least expensive in Europe. Mining Sweden is therefore ideally situated for future growth while keeping power costs as low as possible.

Mining Sweden is also in process of connecting their site to the BTCLend wallet so don’t forget to sign up for the wallet to use the new features.