ViaBTC is a new bitcoin mining pool based in China that also sells hosted cloud mining. Their mining operation uses the latest Bitmain Antminer S9 bitcoin miners, the most efficient bitcoin miners now available.

The company is very transparent about fees, and comparison to other legitimate cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining reveals that ViaBTC is selling cloud mining with the lowest fees and highest return. Here are details from the ViaBTC website:

ViaBTC Cloud Mining S9 Contract Detail

2. Purchase unit: 1 TH/s per SHARE.

3. Power consumption & electricity cost: 100 Watt per SHARE; 0.84 CNY per day per SHARE (0.35 CNY/KWH); (power cost is $0.05 per kWhour – editor)

4. Manage fees: 6% of the mining income will be charged as manage fees, which cover the costs for mining farm maintenance, deployment, repairs, staff expenses, emergencies, risk prevention etc.;

7. Redemption of miners: To guarantee efficiency, all miners will run in high-standard facilities and in ViaBTC pool. Redemption of miners and change of mining pool are not available for the contract;

How to Purchase

Price: 0.21 BTC Per SHARE

Minimal Amount: 1 SHARE (1 TH/s)

Way of purchase: Send the Bitcoins to the address: (login to your account at ViaBTC for purchase address – editor)

If you decide to buy ViaBTC cloud mining you can send a multiple of 0.21 bitcoin to the purchase address. You will start receiving mining payouts within 24 hours to the address you sent payment from. If you use a phone wallet and want to transfer your hashing power to the ViaBTC website you need to use a wallet like Mycelium. Mycelium allows you to sign a message with the bitcoin address you sent payment from.

Once you sign up to the website instructions are provided to let you move your hashing power to the website. While not necessary the website provides an easy way to keep track of your orders and earnings.

Batch 1 of their hosted S9 bitcoin mining is limited to 2400 shares.

Bitcoin Unconfirmed Transaction Accelerator

Did you send a bitcoin transaction with too low a miner fee and the transaction is unconfirmed after a day? As a service to the bitcoin community ViaBTC will resubmit your transaction for free. Just visit Unconfirmed Transaction Accelerator and paste the transaction ID into the tool. Note your transaction must not have any unconfirmed inputs and must have been sent with a minimum .0001 bitcoin fee.

ViaBTC Daily Returns

I can confirm that one TH/s is returning between $0.48 and $0.52 daily as of late November 2016. Without taking bitcoin price and difficulty changes into consideration the minimum investment of about $150 could be returned in about 300 days.

At bitcoin price of $735 the ViaBTC mining pool is paying out 0.00090755 bitcoin ($0.67) Per TH/s. Subtracting the daily cloud mining average payout of 0.00069006 ($0.51) BTC per TH/s results in 0.00021748 fees ($0.16) paid daily.

This is actually rather good compared to a company like Genesis Mining that charges $0.35 per TH per day in fees. In comparison ViaBTC daily fees are less than half or $0.16 per TH/s.

ViaBTC Compared To Other China Based Cloud Mining

HaoBTC is selling their HashEX hosted bitcoin mining with an exchange already built in to the site. HashEX is just a bit less profitable than ViaBTC: fees are $0.17 per TH/s daily and 0.20 bitcoin would buy you 1.0 TH/s with profits of .00064660 per day.

That means HaoBTC pays out about 4 cents per day per TH/s less than ViaBTC. That adds up over time and if the disparity continues an investment at ViaBTC could ROI about one month before HaoBTC.

One alternative we have not discussed yet is buying a miner and having it hosted at a colocation center in China like SinoHash.

By buying the miner and having it hosted at SinoHash you will get about 10% more bitcoin paid out daily compared to ViaBTC. This is due to the very low hosting fee charged of $42 per month for one Antminer S9. The fee includes setup, electricity and routine maintenance, like rebooting a miner if needed. SinoHash charges $0.045 per kWh slightly less than ViaBTC.

The advantage of using SinoHash is the best bitcoin payout daily you will get. You control the miner remotely and choose the mining pool. However you own the miner and if it breaks are responsible for repairs. Also consider that SinoHash is not insured.

Conclusions and Remarks

The disparity between payouts for ViaBTC and HaoBTC cloud mining is due to power draw charged to customers. ViaBTC charges for 100 W/TH which is the true power consumption of an S9 miner. The daily fee for power is 0.84 CNY ($0.12) per day per TH/s for ViaBTC.

Inspection shows HaoBTC charges for 150 W/TH and they are using a mix of Antminer S7 and S9 miners as well as Avalon 6. HaoBTC charges 1.152 CNY ($0.17) per day per TH/s. Both companies get cheap power in China at $0.05 per kWh or less. They may be charging customers a bit more for power than they actually pay. However I attribute the lower payout for HaoBTC to running a mix of less efficient miners than ViaBTC.

Keeping fees low is key if you want your cloud mining contract to return your investment. So far my daily payouts show no legitimate bitcoin cloud mining provider charges lower fees or provides higher daily payouts than ViaBTC. Second place goes to HashEx from HaoBTC.

If you are looking for the best bitcoin payout per day and can afford to buy an Antminer S9 plus power supply consider SinoHash. If your funds are limited your best choice is to buy a few TH at ViaBTC.