Litecoin is the best performing altcoin up 140% in the past 30 days

Your best investment in 2015 could turn out to be litecoin. Litecoin price has increased from $1.60 to over $4.00 in just thirty days. Take a look at this logarithmic scale weekly chart of litecoin price in US dollars:

Litecoin Best Investment in 2015

The price of litecoin broke up through the long term trendline in early May and has continued to rise with conviction. Bitcoin has also broken the weekly trendline but is lagging litecoin instead of leading for a change:

Weekly bitcoin price

Why is litecoin price increasing so fast?

The amount of litecoin mined will be decreased by half on 25 August 2015 at the first litecoin block reward halving. After that date litecoin miners will only be rewarded with 25 litecoin for each block discovered instead of 50. When the first block reward halving occurred for bitcoin in Novenber 2012 bitcoin price increased from under $15 to over $250 in five months.

The current rise in the price of litecoin is speculation by traders that litecoin will increase dramatically in price after the block reward halving just as bitcoin did. Over the past year the price of litecoin was driven down as scrypt ASIC miners began shipping and the supply of litecoin increased sharply. The rate of litecoin being mined is just about to be cut in half leading to the price being bid up.

If bitcoin is gold, litecoin has always been considered silver with a similarly lower price. Litecoin is the third place digital coin in market capitalization after Ripple. Compared to bitcoin, litecoin has faster transaction times and less turmoil in the community over block size because the litecoin network can handle four times the transactions per second than bitcoin. Any change in the litecoin code to handle increased transaction volume is years away.

How to buy litecoin and get the best entry price

There is no easy way at present to buy litecoin with fiat; Coinbase does not offer litecoin for sale. If you have bitcoin you can exchange them for litecoin at any exchange like BTC-e.

Probably the most convenient way to acquire litecoin is to just swap bitcoin or other altcoins you already own for litecoin at ShapeShift.

When to buy? If you think a new bull market in litecoin price has begun you could buy in using dollar cost averaging. Another method to get a good entry price is to follow daily price of litecoin and wait for a down day on volume, preferably with the Stochastic RSI indicator in oversold region as in late June:

How to buy litecoin at the best price

The blue line on the chart is the 200 day simple moving average. With litecoin price well above the 200 day SMA a new bull market in litecoin price would seem to be confirmed. Litecoin may well turn out to be the best investment of 2015.

How to store your litecoin

The official Litecoin Core local wallet can be downloaded to your computer at You might prefer the Electrum for Litecoin wallet which can be downloaded at the same link. It is faster and easier to use than Litecoin Core.

You can also use Electrum for Litecoin with a Trezor for secure cold storage of your litecoin. Once you have a litecoin wallet you can easily swap bitcoin for litecoin at ShapeShift and send to your litecoin wallet for storage.