Best Free Bitcoin Documentary by Dutch Public TV

The best free bitcoin documentary we have seen to date is The Bitcoin Gospel by Dutch broadcaster VPRO Backlight:

There are other bitcoin documentaries that are also good but are not free nor as recent as The Bitcoin Gospel. If you have been following bitcoin this documentary will introduce you to some familiar personalities like Roger Ver.

Best Free Bitcoin Documentary

You may have used the online bitcoin wallet service of which Mr. Ver is the majority owner. He also owns the second largest bitcoin forum at His new forum is not as busy as the dominant Bitcoin Forum but is gaining traction. While not the narrator of the documentary Roger Ver is the central character.

The film begins with Roger Ver demonstrating how easy it is to send bitcoin internationally from Tokyo to Holland. It ends with a passionate speech on how bitcoin has the power to change the world by taking away the power from governments to control the money supply and giving to the people.

Between is forty five minutes of up to date documentary about the history of bitcoin with particular emphasis on bitcoin mining. Besides Roger Ver the film will allow you to put faces to several other familiar names from the bitcoin community like Peter Todd, Andreas Antonopoplus, Marshall Long and Brett Scott.

The film goes into some detail on Roger Ver’s history, explaining how he chose to leave the United States after spending time in Federal prison for selling explosives on eBay. As an early adopter of bitcoin Mr. Ver has not suffered financially from incarceration as he seems to be living well in Tokyo.

Financial Times writer Izabella Kaminska serves as counterpoint to Roger Ver throughout the film helping to round out the history of bitcoin. The Bitcoin Gospel is a well produced and informative look at bitcoin we think you will enjoy.