Bitcoin debit cards are available now and allow you to conveniently spend your bitcoin online and at brick and mortar stores. Most bitcoin debit cards are pre-paid cards that are loaded by sending bitcoin to the issuer, who exchanges bitcoin for fiat and tops up your card. At this time only the Bit-X and Xapo bitcoin credit cards are directly linked to your Bit-X or Xapo wallet: funds are taken straight from your wallet at the time of atransaction.

Bitcoin Debit Cards Available Now

WageCan Bitcoin Debit Card

The WageCan MasterCard bitcoin debit card issued by Transforex is available world wide including the US. There are no point of sale fees and a reasonable 1% fee is charged for ATM cash withdrawals. Here is a recent review of the WageCan card by a satisfied customer in the US.

ANX Bitcoin Debit Card

The ANX bitcoin debit card is one of the two other cards besides WageCan shipping to US residents. Two cards are currently offered: ANX Plus (red color) and ANX Premium (black color.) The ANX Premium card is a rechargeable MasterCard debit card issued by Sura Global while the ANX Plus is a UnionPay card. The ANX Plus is not as widely accepted as the ANX Premium and the card currency is HK rather than US dollars. The application process for the ANX cards is a pain and some users at BitcoinTalk are reporting they were rejected for no good reason. This is why we rate WageCan higher than ANX. If you applied for an ANX card and were not approved try WageCan instead.

AdvCash Bitcoin Prepaid Card

Advanced Cash is a new bitcoin prepaid Mastercard shipping worldwide including to the US (Pakistan excepted.) The cards are issued by Wave Crest in Gibraltar and both virtual and physical cards are available now. Starting 22 May 2015 however AdvCash cards will no longer be shipped to US residents. Cards already in use in the US will continue to work fine and will not be cancelled.

The Bit-X exchange is now shipping a MasterCard bitcoin credit card to all verified customers. See this thread at the Bitcoin Forum for current specifications. They are shipping to the US. On April 4, 2016 BIT-X rebranded as

Xapa Bitcoin Debit CardThe Xapo VISA bitcoin debit card is available world wide except for residents of US and India and allows you to spend bitcoin directly from your Xapo wallet.

E-Coin Bitcoin Debit Card

The E-Coin card is funded from your E-Coin wallet but must be topped up manually unlike the Xapo card. Funding your E-Coin debit card is subject to a 2% fee. Available for all countries except the US.

OKPay Bitcoin Debit Card

The OKPay card is another pre-paid MasterCard that must be topped up by tranferring funds from your OKPay wallet. Point of sale transactions are free but ATM withdrawals are subject to a 2% fee.

Neteller PrePaid Mastercard

Neteller is shipping a pre-paid Mastercard debit card that can be funded with bitcoin now, but is not available to US residents.The UK based DSX exchange is now offering a debit card in partnership with ePayments Systems Limited.

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card

Cryptopay is now offering a VISA bitcoin debit card issued by MyChoice. The card ships worldwide except to India, United States and Algeria. You can fund your card using bitcoins, British pounds or Euros from your Cryptopay account. You can order either a Euro or Pound denominated debit card for 15 /15. Here is a chart of fees for the card:


Coinomat just introduced a bitcoin debit card this July. The card costs 15.99 with no monthly fees. Card loading is instant and cost to load is the Coinomat exchange rate plus 3 . ATM withdrawal fee is 2.80 . The card is issued by a UK bank but no photo is available yet. The card ships to all countries except US.

Bitstamp bitcoin exchange now offers their clients a prepaid bitcoin debit card denominated in USD, Euros or Pounds. Cost is $10. Transferring funds from your Bitstamp account to your card carries flat $10 fee for amounts up to $1000. For transfers above $1000, a 2% fee is charged. Here are the verification and limits for the card:

Bitstamp Debit Card

The Bitstamp bitcoin debit card is provided through Astropay and is available worldwide except to the US.

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

Shift introduced the first completely US based bitcoin debit card in November 2015. The fees are lowest of any card and you will have no problems using at any US merchant as the debit card is issued by a US bank. The card is funded with bitcoin in your Coinbase account. The only drawback is limited availability as the card is not shipped to all US states yet. In order to spend bitcoin via Coinbase, cardholders must reside in one of the following U.S. states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DE, DC, FL, ID, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, ME, MO, MS, NE, NV, NJ, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, or WV.

BitPay Bitcoin Debit Card

BitPay introduced their bitcoin debit card in May 2016 currently shipping to every US state. Cost is $9.95 paid in bitcoin and the application process is quick and simple. A US resident only needs to provide name and address, Social Security and driver’s license number to order. Limits are also higher than the Coinbase Shift card.

Bitcoin Debit Cards in Beta

Bitcoin-Wave is a Seychelles based exchange that is in progress of issuing a bitcoin debit card for the Euro market only. Bitcoin-Wave customers can now pre-order their Bitcoin debit card. The card itself costs 30 and users can spend up to 2,500 without the need of providing any identification documents. Confirmed users can deposit and spend as much as 15,000, and withdraw up to 620 in cash per day.

SmartyCash Bitcoin Debit Card

The SmartyCash prepaid Visa card allows you to pay wherever Visa is accepted and reload instantly from Ripple with a 5% rebate programme. Not available for US residents.

Fund Your Existing MasterCard or VISA Using Bitcoin

Coinomat is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to fund your present MasterCard or VISA using bitcoin.

Fund Any MC Or VISA Using Bitcoin

At present anyone can open an account, fund their account with bitcoin and then send funds to your own VISA or MasterCard for 3% + $5 fee. All normal VISA and MasterCards can be funded from Coinomat but not virtual or some prepaid cards like VISA Electron or MasterCard Maestro cards.


If you live outside the US any card on our available now list is worth your consideration. The most popular cards at this time are from WageCan, ANX, Advanced Cash, Bit-X and Xapo. For US residents your working choices at this time are limited to WageCan, ANX, Bit-X, Shift and BitPay.

Shift is an option if you live in a state that Shift ships to and already have a Coinbase account. BitPay does not require an account and ships to all US states. Because any US resident with a driver’s license can easily order a BitPay card expect it to be the preferred option for many in the US.

If you do not want to order a bitcoin debit card Coinomat makes it possible to fund a card you already own using bitcoin. All you have to do is open an account at Coinomat and fund your account with Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinDark, Peercoin or NXT. You can then use any of those coins to send funds to a VISA or MasterCard you already own.

The withdrawal to your VISA or MasterCard from Coinomat takes 2-4 business days and is carried out in US dollars. Your bank will convert it to the currency of your card by using its exchange rates if your card is not denominated in US dollars. You can transfer up to $2499 to one card per week.

Do you have one of our recommended bitcoin debit cards? Please join the discussion below and rate your experience with your favorite card.

  • loadddebitcard

    You can load ANY debit card you currently have in your pocket that has a Visa or MasterCard logo using Bitcoin. ANY country in the world!
    All you need is our service
    $10 load fee +2%.

  • WageCan

    WageCan has a MasterCard bitcoin debit card available to “order” NOW!
    The WageCan bitcoin debit card is available world wide and shipping to US residents too!!!
    So ANX not a only bitcoin debit card shipping to US residents at this time.
    WageCan promo code: Lyann@1001
    Register now, Get 0.001 BTC

    • WageCan website is broken and will not allow orders for debit card to process. You need to fix your site.

      • WageCan

        We will check the website, but you can use it right now.

        • Your site is still broken, can not even log in, receive error message ‘try again later’ not a good start.

          • John Bush

            Hey allegro101, great article. Glad to see there are choices out there. I personally have been using the WageCan card for over a week now and it has not given me any trouble whatsoever. I signed up and received the card without any problems. I have logged on to the website every day since signing up. Are you sure there wasn’t a problem with your browser or on your end? As I said, I can attest to the fact that the site has worked flawlessly every day for over a week. Please try again and update your article. Thanks.

          • Thanks John. I wish I could report success with the WageCan website. Over a week ago I was able to create an account but this week can not log into the site. I tried three different browsers. I also tried to create a new account and still received an error message.

          • WageCan site is working again. We were finally able to apply for the bitcoin debit card and awaiting verification now, will update on progress.

          • Approval for our WageCan debit ard took less than 24 hours will post a photo and user report when it arrives.

    • Thomistic Cajetan

      I will now resort to trolling everywhere Wage Can posts in order to get my issue resolved. PM me, you scammers. Give me my bitcoin back including the price decrease when I sent it to you. Or order me the stupid card. Horrid service, should not take weeks of giving you the benefit of the doubt and messaging you all the time to start to get your attention. If I don’t get this resolved within a week, I will resort to even greater measures. Crappy service, keeps your bitcoins. Not even in a multi sig, this is all the signs of a good scammer. I have even offered to prove my identity through video chat and showing. But no response, just pure empty promises. Huge waste of my time, I have very little time and they make me waste it. -5 star review for Wage can, go elsewhere if you can. Get some prepaid bitcoin debit card, fees might be higher but you won’t have to deal with crap.

  • Alejandro Adrian Tula

    I want to know if bitcoincashoutcard is an option or not, the company said it its regulated for the financial autorithty in europe and managed by 360money ltd its offer a visa to cash out the bitcoins in fiat currency

    it someone more expert can comment something it will be appreciated I dont want to be scammed

    • BitcoinCashOUT may be a scam, see this post at BitcoinTalk:

      • Alejandro Adrian Tula

        TThank you for the advice
        all comments give for sure that the xapo card is avalaible now for all countries
        I am from Argentina, and I am still waiting for the card
        like we said in spanish xapo is Sapo(frog) they promoted this card for one year , and still waiting to be received, loose and deceitful advertise for this company
        I have the advacash card and works fine is a mastercard from wave crave holdings , the same issuer of xapo and epayments(I just have this too) and now I fine and use binding this card to dsx exchange , I will give more use to the epayments card
        I also’have netellermastercard for other reasons, but it not for use to withdraw the bitxoins to the card-new policy in neteller is prohibited, only you load bitcoins to purchase in neteller merchants
        Ok pay card is ugly ,and you can not transfer bitcoins to the card, you have to change’to fiat currency on okpay website at a poor exchange rate, and only then transfer the fiat currency to the card
        I buy it a wagecan , and a anx card, also a bit-ix and a ecoin .oi card
        Waiting for this 4″cards to compare use and speed in the processs of withdraw and spend of the cards

  • E-Coin

    just a small note, BTC Fiat conversion happens instantly on , a couple of click and it’s done

    • jeffanthony

      coinbase as well

      • Coinbase does not offer their own bitcoin debit card. The Shift card noted in the list will link to your Coinbase account but the Shift cards are still in beta testing and you cannot order one yet.

  • Unfortunately as of May 22, 2015 AdvCash no longer ships their bitcoin debit card to the US.

  • JonBan

    It would help a lot if you were to specify whether the card has an EMV Chip (aka Chip and PIN in the UK) or not. Without this chip your card will be useless in any POS across Europe. My ANX Plus and Premium don’t have one, but others, like the Bit-X ones do.

    • I can confirm that Bit-X and Advanced Cash bitcoin debit cards have EMV chips since I own both of them. My WageCan bitcoin debit card does not have the EMV chip.

  • Thomistic Cajetan

    Having an awful time with wage can, can’t order my card.. Think they might be a scam, holding my BTC hostage already messaged them multiple times. Gave them all my info, and still nothing. They ask for a stupid transaction password which I don’t recall inputting at the beginning of the process. Instead that should be done, after where you can set it up right before ordering the card. Really really really really horrid experience, if only there were other options available to us, I would not keep trying and this would be a show stopper for me. Beware, of WageCan, they are definitely doing something fishy, gave them long enough to have resolved this already been a couple of weeks now…

    • Wagecan working fine here. You did not save a password and are now blaming Wagecan for your mistake?

      • Thomistic Cajetan

        No I never recall typing in a password, I just assumed that I must have forgotten it.

        I Have been messaging them over and over and over for weeks now. No resolution whatsoever. Just giving others my information regarding their AWFUL service, just because you are the first in the space does not mean we need to tolerate such crappy service. I in put .08 BTC when the price was $320 and it dropped to $250 go figure…. ASked them to refund me the money, still have not received my BTC. But yeah, Wage can is “fine.”

      • Thomistic Cajetan

        Just giving everyone context, I am a 100% believer in bitcoin. I get paid 100% of my wages in bitcoin. If you can’t sell a product to the choir, then how the hell you expect someone such as outsiders to buy into it when everything spells of scam.

        No multi sig wallet, they keep your funds we trust “them.” Crappy service, this is how it should have been, they give you a QR code, you pay for it. Done. Instead, they make you do some weird put it in their wallet first and then pay for it, and then use some crap password, to use your funds roflol. I mean how is that “friendly” to newcomers, or any user!

        So I wait, message them patiently. Okay, it happens sometimes you lag behind in service. Been there, but then you write again. Alright there can be miscommunication it happens, so you try it again and again and again. After a while you just start getting a little message in your head, no business could ever be successful given that they are strictly an online businesses and have such shitty support. If English is an issue, I can get a friend of mine to translate in Mandarin for me. I know a little Mandarin, but its no excuse especially given how you want to build a network effect. I can guarantee you that they are going to fail 100%, any other business will sweep them off the floor once they are able to service US consumers.

  • Great and very comprehensive article.

    We would remove Bitcoin Wave as it is down. Also, OKcoin does not support bitcoin anymore. You can deposit with bitcoin, but can’t withdraw.

    We recently wrote about debit cards here

  • Juan Andres

    Tried card and works with Euros flawlessly. Master card works in all commerce. Very easy to load with BTC instantly with its site even with the mobile phone.

    • has higher fees than Coinomat and is a new service, so take appropriate care.

      • LV

        I tried myself. Service is fast to withdraw and comissions were below 3%. Great choice to use our bitcoins anywhere!

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  • On April 4 BIT-X rebranded as CoinsBank. now redirects to All user information and balances were preserved and transferred upon this change and your Bit-X login now works at

  • bitparity

    These card providers seem to always change their offers, I was trying to buy one from this article only to find out it doesn’t exist anymore. So I did a little digging and found a website to compare all the existing cards :
    Hope it helps someone (I went for an e-coin myself).

  • bipi2

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  • alam
  • hellen

    I got my already programmed and blanked ATM card to withdraw the maximum
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    because i got mine last week and I have used it to get $100,000. MRS
    HELLEN is giving out the card just to help the poor and needy though it
    is illegal but it is something nice and she is not like other scam
    pretending to have the blank ATM cards. And no one gets caught when
    using the card. get yours from her. Just send her an email On

  • E-Coin

    e-Coin is no Wirex == We are rebranding to

    Now everyone can get the best out of both digital and traditional money, the easy way! Get online banking account, worldwide-issued bitcoin debit cards, cheap money transfer and more in one place.

    Join now and be part of The Future of Money!

  • Harry Postrer

    I did tried at least 3 cards for my VPN payment, but all declined until i found uquid bitcoin debit card : . they do support for unlimited bitcoin debit card without verification. i recommended for some friends and all of them give me good feedback about UQUID so far.

  • perez miguel

    Happy new month everyone,I Mattie from USA, just this morning i received a blessing, i received my blank ATM card from Card Delivery Service, this card is so special to me, with this card i am able to collect 3000$ twice in a week, i am so happy to get this card, the card worked for me and i am happy, if you need this kind of card just contact him on his private mail : or the company email:
    i posted this here because it will help the general public, if you have financial problems or you need money just apply and you will get your card.

  • SpectroCoin offers bitcoin debit card at lowest price in the market. The virtual debit card is only 0.5 USD and plastic card is 9USD. More information can be found here:

    Other benefits include: bitcoin buying and selling, live support and various payment methods supported

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