New Bitcoin Documentary Available Online Now

Bitcoin documentary titled “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” has been released and can be viewed online for $5.99 paid in bitcoin at

Bitcoin Documentary

The documentary was written and produced by Torsten Hoffman and directed by Michael Watchulonis and Torsten Hoffman. Narration is by John Barrett and the project was produced in collaboration with Lets Talk Bitcoin and Bitcoins and Gravy.

Not knowing what to expect I was thoroughly impressed with the documentary. Production is top notch with engaging narration by John Barrett. Video is HD and well worth $5.99 in bitcoin to watch. In fact I watched it twice start to finish as you can use the slider on the viewer to backup and start over or repeat passages if taking notes.

The film traces the history of commodity money from the earliest forms of barter through the development of metal coins, paper currency and finally the introduction of bitcoin. The history of bitcoin is very well covered. There is even an interview with Bernard von NotHaus whose creation of the Liberty dollar private money inspired Satoshi Nakamoto.

The central message of this film is that bitcoin will not supplant government currency but will be a strong competitor. Especially in the third world and for international money transfers. Bitcoin tackles an ancient human dilemna by providing an alternate financial system that cuts out the middleman using a public ledger visible to all.

Bitcoins cannot be forged, faked or created out of thin air like the Federal Reserve creates dollars. With a mobile phone and internet connection anyone can be their own bank, using a digital currency free from inflation, taxes and banking fees.