You can buy bitcoin using credit card today and I will show you your best options including PayPal

Before you buy your first bitcoin you will need a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoin. I recommend you create an account at Coinbase and use their online wallet. It is very secure and easy to use. Later on we will cover other bitcoin wallet options that you can keep on your computer or use cold storage for maximum security.

buy bitcoin using credit card

Coinbase will allow you to buy bitcoin using credit card but you will have to use a VISA card. Also the VISA card will need to be from the bank you link to your Coinbase account. The process of getting verified at Coinbase takes a few days and is worth the effort.

Coinbase also now allows you to take control of your private keys using the Coinbase Multisig Vault.


Circle is the major competition to Coinbase.

Circle Bitcoin Wallet

You can also use the Circle online wallet to store your bitcoin. In contrast to Coinbase Circle allows you to link a credit card and buy bitcoin immediately. Many bitcoin enthusiasts use both Circle and Coinbase.

Using PayPal to Buy Bitcoin at Circle

You can even use PayPal to buy bitcoin at Circle as long as you own a PayPal Debit MasterCard (but not the PayPal PrePaid MasterCard which will not work.)

Just open your Circle account and go to “settings” then “linked accounts”. Next click on “add account” and add the details of your PayPal Debit MasterCard. Once your card is connected you can buy bitcoins and your Paypal balance will be used for the purchase. You can also sell bitcoin and withdraw the dollar balance back to your card.


CoinMama Bitcoin Wallet

CoinMama lets you use a credit or debit card to buy bitcoin right away or you can pay with cash at a local MoneyGram branch. You can buy up to $500 worth of bitcoin without any verification at all.


If you need bitcoin today CoinMama is your best option followed by Circle. It is also worth your time to get fully verified with at least one or two brokers like Coinbase so you can buy bitcoin using a credit card instantly with the lowest charges. UK residents can also use CoinCorner or Bittylicious. Neither of these last two services is available to US residents at this time however.

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