Zero Fucks Given Coins

Zero Fucks Given Coins are a new fun coin to collect or give to friends or a-holes. They are made to be outrageous. As their website says:

Zero Fucks Given isn’t just a saying or meme, it’s a fuckin’ lifestyle – and we’re bout it. As a matter of fact, there is very little in this world that we actually give a fuck about. That being said, we do care about our customers and delivering an awesome product with kick-ass customer service. As we say around these parts: We give a fuck now, so you can give zero fucks later.

Rarely have we come across a coin that anyone would get a kick collecting. Prices range from $5.99 for the “Rat’s Ass” single coin shown below:

Rat's Ass

To the $24.99 “Decision Maker” coin:

Silver Decision Maker Coin

All told you have seven different coins to choose from. They also make three rings in 19 different sizes example shown:

Give a shit coin ring

Some of the coins ship in plastic Air-Tite holders depending on selection. There is nothing else like these coins and rings on the market so have some fun and visit Zero Fucks Given Coins today!